Weaving together classical Jewish thought and Kabbalistic wisdom, this course will examine the realities of existence and the meaningfulness of life. By clearly defining and exploring concepts such as God, Free Will, the Soul, the Male-Female Dynamic, Suffering, Death, Reincarnation and Unity, this  course constructs a practical model of the Jewish take on reality and what we are doing here as seen through the eyes of Kabbalah.


Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov Deutsch is an acclaimed speaker and author who inspires and motivates people of all backgrounds to take a fresh look at life by presenting thought provoking Kabbalah ideas in a manner that is inspirational and user friendly. With a plethora of parallels and explanatory precision, Rabbi Eli masterfully articulates abstract concepts into practical transformative teachings, communicating the deeper side of life in a way that resonates with the well-read student as well as the newcomer.


Rabbi Eli is a fan of innovation, connecting with interesting people, driving on open roads, and five shekel coffee shops. He currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem, where he spends most of his time teaching, writing, counselling, learning, hosting, and with his family. Rabbi Eli speaks to thousands of Taglit-Birthright participants each year, infusing their Israel experience with paradigm-shifting uplifting content.


He is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Sellers "The Case For Judaism" and "Jewish By Choice" as well as numerous other works. Books available at: http://www.amazon.com/Rabbi-Eliyahu-Yaakov/e/B007MADKD0



A taste of what Rabbi Eli has to offer is available at his website www.EliTheJew.com and his You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/RabbiEliyahuYaakov

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