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    This interactive course encourages and facilitates people to create a conscious, healthy and joyful journey through life. Using wisdom from the Jewish sages, these sessions help people envision their goals and dreams, identify obstacles and learn tools to overcome them, build mindfulness and self mastery, improve self-esteem, manifest positive relationships and connect authentically to themselves, their purpose and Divine Oneness that brought them here in the first place!  


    Dov Ber grew up in London, England before getting a degree in Philosophy from Manchester University. After graduating he decided to see the world, discover what life is all about and then create something based on what he found. For the next six years he traveled and worked in various countries in Asia; Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, India, Jeju Island and Japan to name a few. He supported himself by teaching English and Buddhist philosophy and spent most of his time in meditation retreats, yoga courses, martial art schools and temples, learning to control his body and mind.

    In 2007 he arrived in Israel where he connected to the deep wisdom of the Torah and the Jewish Sages throughout the generations. He learnt in Yeshiva for many years in which time he also set up a Tikkun Olam Organisation, All for the Kids. Projects included a 40 day fundraising walk down the entire length of Israel which raised $18,000 for vulnerable children around the world and a project in India engaging Israeli backpackers in volunteer work and personal growth workshops.

    He is Founder/Director of Self Discovery, an organisation which provides meaningful, experiential programming for trips coming to Israel and is Director of Education for Justifi, an organization which runs volunteer and leadership training trips to Thailand (www.justifi.org)

    He lives in Jerusalem with his wife (who is an amazing artist, energy healer and yoga teacher) and two children. He qualified as a Rabbi and trains people martial arts in the park.

30 January - 5 February